Construction of a house is not an easy task; leave house aside even a construction of a room takes a lot of effort. Three things which are most invested in the construction of the houses or any other such projects are effort, time and money. This is the reason that people want everything to be perfect while their house is under construction in the very first go. However, people do not have control over each and everything and we often find that after some time the residents of the house complaint about various flaws or setbacks of the house. Obviously, house cannot be constructed again very easily so people mostly choose the option of renovation. Sometimes, things go beyond the process of renovation; for instance, the stump of the house starts to get weaker. In such cases, you need to opt for the process of house re-blocking in Melbourne. In this article, we will be studying about house re-blocking and also about the fact that when do we need to carry out the process of house re-blocking.

House re-blocking:

As the name implies, house re-blocking can be defined as the process of re-positioning the floor of the house to its original condition. In this process, the existing supporting structures which were providing the support to the floor are replaced by the block like structures. These block like structures are either made up of concrete or of steel. The cost of the house re-blocking is determined by the width and length of the house. The more area the house covers; more will be its cost.

When do we need to carry out the process of house re-blocking?

If your doors or windows are not working properly or you are seeing cracks in the walls or your floor seems to be uneven then you definitely need to carry out the process of house re-blocking. This process is carried out when the stumps of the floor starts to seep into the soil. It is also necessary when the stumps get soft and most. It happens mostly because stumps are made up of wood and can easily get damped. This is the reason that these stumps are then re-blocked or replaced by the solid structures of concrete or steel. These blocks provide the necessary support and firmness to the house.


In simplest words, house re-blocking can be defined as the process of replacing the existing stumps (which are mostly made up of wood) with the solid blocks of concrete or steel. The non-functioning of doors and windows, the cracking of walls and the unevenness of the floor are all caused by the damaged stumps which are supporting the structures. Hence, these stumps must immediately be replaced by the solid blocks; these blocks are made up of concrete or steel. “B and A foundation” is expert in re-stumping and re-levelling; they provide the best and most reliable services of house re-blocking. Browse this website to find out more details.