Excavators are one of the heaviest equipment for construction and they are useful at the same time. Excavators have a rotating platform in which the controller is operating the excavator; it has a dipper and an excavator bucket which is used to pull things like soil. Excavators can be used in construction and demolition as well, it has so many uses that are used in different fields. There is not only a single and universal excavator instead there are types of it which makes it usable in different fields for different purposes. Some of the types of excavators are: 

Dragline Excavators:

Dragline Excavators are one of the largest excavators that are used for big projects. Due to their heavyweight, they are most often used on sites. This type of excavator uses the system of hoist rope, in this system; there is an excavator buckets that moves through the dragline between the object and the driver. The hoist rope is responsible to adjust the position on altitude while the dragline is responsible to take the object to the driver.

Vacuum Excavators:

This type of excavator is also known as suction excavators which almost works just as a vacuum cleaner, this type of excavators are used for underground cleaning purposes on both small and large projects. The pipe which is fixed at the back of the suction excavator is responsible to suck the soil. Suction excavators are known to be used in different purposes at different places.

Long Reach Excavators:

When it is very hard to reach some particular locations, then there we need equipment which has a long reach. Long reach excavators are used in situations where it is impossible to reach a location. They have got a long arm which can reach any particular distance and do the work. Most of the time, this type of excavators have used for demolition the buildings. They can also be used for cutting.

Skid Steer Excavator:

One of the most efficient excavators grab used to dig pools and work for residential progress. They are mostly used in the places which are very limited in size and also there are tricky turns, in this case, none another type of excavator can work except this shorthanded one.

Crawler Excavator:

This is one of the most commonly used excavators, they are mostly used at the places where it is hard to work, such as hills or any uneven surfaces where standard excavators are hard to operate, therefore crawler excavators can work efficiently because of their chain systems which maneuver them forward or backwards.

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