Different workplaces can have quite different atmospheres. Some may be so inviting that a new employee will immediately start working to get up to speed with his or her co-workers. Others may be the exact opposite. Nevertheless, it can be hard to assess why a certain workplace is so great while a similar one is in such a bad shape. There are many factors which can affect a workplace’s atmosphere, including (but not limited to) the attitude of the owner and employees, sense og order (or disorder), cleanliness, lighting and even such things as decorative themes or motifs.

If you have been experiencing a decline in the productivity of your employees, it is natural to start becoming concerned about your company’s future. Without the help of reliable employees, you won’t be able to achieve your company goals, much less expand and grow your business come the next four or five years.

With that being said, you can try to make some changes to see if they can bring about a positive effect overall on your company and office atmosphere. As long as you take care when implementing drastic measures, you can actually expect to gain a lot of trust by employing the following methods to improve your office’s productivity:

Make Your Workers Feel Satisfied

If satisfaction levels of all of your employees are pretty low, you need to look into ways to restore their original motivation. You can try things such as salary increases, granting more freedom at work, placing fewer restraints when requesting their leave as well rewarding your top employees with bonuses and promotions. These should give an incentive for the lazier ones to work harder the next time around in hope of getting rewarded.

Take Maintenance Work Seriously

Some people say that it is extremely easy to maintain their workplace, but the truth is that a lot of them do not do it correctly. As such, it can bring about several disadvantages, such as an increased amount of clutter, confusion amongst workers as well as a feeling of being “locked out” in a room with barely any space to move around. If you delay your maintenance work due to high costs, consider making use of a rental serviced office space, where maintenance work is already done for you.


If you have been working in the same place for many consecutive years, the office area may not be suitable anymore to contend with the increased demands of your business. For example, an area far away from town, where signal strength is poor and Internet connections are slow, can make it difficult for your business to remain competitive. Even if you don’t have enough funds to relocate on such a short notice, you need to at least take a look at a coworking office space Brisbane to benefit from better and more modern infrastructure.

Take Some Time to Communicate

Communication between top-level staff and lower level employees is essential to maintain ties and links inside the company. Without the necessary amount of verbal exchanges, misunderstandings and friction may arise, thereby breaking the company’s harmony. Take some time to review problems and discuss them with different workers. At least people will know that you are concerned about their well-being, as any responsible leader should be.