One of the interesting facts about paints is that they have been in use almost since forever because the evidence of their existence dates back to hundred years ago. Obviously; the procedures of manufacturing them have changed a lot with the passage of time but the concept and usage of paints have always been there. In ancient ages; people used to make paints by crushing colour stones and mixing them with any available semi-liquid substance. However; in today’s time period most of the paints are composed of four main components which include pigments, binders, liquid and additives. These paints then differ from one another by the inclusion or exclusion of certain additives. These paints might vary from enamel paints to acrylic paints. Enamel paints are the ones that give the glossy finishing touch whereas acrylic paints give matte final look.  Enamel paints take longer time to dry as compared to acrylic paints. In this article; w e will be discussing about the interconnectivity of enamel thinner and industrial floor coatings suppliers in sydney.

Enamel thinner:

Enamel thinner is the kind of a solvent which used to fulfil two main purposes of the painting procedure. Firstly; thinner is used to mix in oil based paints so to level its consistency. The second use of enamel thinner is to help in the removal of dried paint as it is not easy to remove the paint which has been dried on a certain object or the brush itself. Mineral spirits work as one of the best thinner for the enamel paints. However; one must be extremely careful while using them because they are hazardous to use in a caution less manner.

Epoxy enamel spray paint:

Epoxy enamel spray paint is one of the best kinds of paints. These paints are transparent in colour and are mainly used to give finishing touches to the object; be it metal, wood or plastic. This spray paint is transparent in colour and it leaves a glossy look at the end. It takes about three to seven hours for epoxy enamel spray paint to dry off completely. One of the main reasons for us to recommend this spray paint is that it has such additives inculcated in it which prevents the object from getting rusted. It has the touch of primer added in it as well which allows it to perfectly adhere with the upper most layer of any object.


Paint completes the whole look of the object. One would not prefer to use the object as long as it has not been painted because it is the paint which gives finishing touches to the object. There are many differ types of paints and one of them is epoxy enamel spray paint. This spray paint is known for giving glossy finishing touch to the objects. It also has the anti resistive properties. “Lacnam” offers the best quality of epoxy enamel spray paint in sydney and enamel thinner.