This world is based on the internet. The internet is known as the fastest way to communicate and connect. Whereat one hand, it has a lot of perks there, on the other hand, the dealing of this demands a great deal. When you are leading small or medium businesses and hoping to connect it with Internet world, that’s the time you must look for professional advice. platform 24 is a network that is based in Sydney and along with Australia. It’s serving more than a decade.  a small business that started and later has expanded its wings and fly. The best thing is testimonials from our customers which recommends us to others. We take all the pride in offering best IT support in Bondi. If you have small or medium businesses and want to get a gig, then come and consult us. There is a team of young professionals who is compassionate and ready to serve. The first sit and listen to your problems, then suggest. The valuable suggestions are granted to boost up your business. We undertake all the responsibility of presenting your business in a lucrative manner. The strategy better attracts the customers and you gain your profit. Along with that, the sensitivity of data is undertaken. We do consider your privacy and the clients confidential are never breached. We a locally based company with no ambiguity. We talk in your language and are accessible to sit and talk about your matter. No more pain and hassle over the phone to deal with the issues. This gives us extra points. You can trust us, and we help our clients to find the best possible solution for them.

 Cloud services

Platform 24 utilities Azure, this assists you with choice and flexibility. We manage the services that give you a secure way to approach your data. We provide a single sign up and this eliminates the need to purchase a large CAPEX upfront.

Your data security is our priority. You can continue your business because we keep your backup and provide redundancy. The team here is constantly testing new technologies. You need not worry about the hidden costs. The team is always present in your service. Just a call would fix all your problems. The cloud services are there to serve the purpose by keeping it secure. Your details are a sensitive matter and it’s never transferred to the third person. This is cost-effective and synchronized because all the quotes are pre granted. There is no fuss of later issues. The clients know all the details and enjoy the perk of our services. A tried and trusted stop for Australians. they trust us with their love and care. We never betray them as well.