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By putting sound principles in place, each project can be clearly defined. These guidelines were developed to aid in creating aesthetically pleasing rooms with personality. We thus examine each of these principles of interior design in detail and analyse how you may apply them to realise your ideal home in order to help you understand them. Also, it is important to hire people providing the best home building designs in Melbourne, home extension Melbourne who understand the below mentioned elements.


Unsurprisingly, unity brings together all of your interior design components to harmonise rather than divide your room. Through material selections, furniture proportions, or even by striking a balance with your choice of forms, you may create unity in your interior design. It ultimately comes down to establishing coherence through a shared theme or aesthetic.

Additionally, it could refer to harmony between several rooms. The theme or style should thus ideally permeate your whole house, providing unity even if each space will have its own personality. The simplest method for doing this is subtle colour flow, and you may safely choose the most complementary colours by using a colour wheel.

Dimension and ratio

Dimension and proportions, or how your things fit into your space, are another crucial interior design aspect. This is primarily determined by the size of your area. For instance, from a scale standpoint, heavier furniture with height might be advantageous in a big space with high ceilings. However, huge furniture in a constrained area could be difficult and tip the balance off.

Contrarily, proportion is concerned with how those things work in a certain area. It involves balancing repetition in a beautiful spatial manner while taking into account the arrangement of various size, shape, texture, and colour aspects. For instance, you may employ colour proportion to have your couch cushions and carpeting duplicate a standout colour from a framed piece of art.


Contrast is one of the elements of interior design that is most effective. You have a wide range of media to experiment with while establishing this special concept, whether it be forms, materials, or texture.

Contrast is the ideal approach to create mystery to a setting that may otherwise become boring. To build its special power, it makes use of the advantages of bringing polar opposites together. For instance, contrasting light and dark, rough and smooth, or matching important things with relatively unimportant ones. To learn how to use contrast in interior design, choose a strong colour and combine it with tones of a different colour that are on the other side of the colour wheel.

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