Shoes are a useful clothing accessory which allows you to walk freely and smoothly. High-quality shoes can be used for a long time if you maintain them carefully. Mostly the shoes get damaged by water. You can buy waterproof shoes but if you want to keep your shoes safe from water which that are not waterproof; you should follow some useful precautions.

Keep your shoes dry naturally and do not keep them near heat like fire, to dry after they have got wet. The quick-drying process can cause damage to shoes by cracking. You can also use some newspaper or absorbing cloth to instantly absorb water from shoes. This can be done by removing shoe insoles and placing newspapers and clothes inside the shoes.

As instant dryness is not good for shoes, instant moisture is also not good. You should not place your shoes in wet areas. Collonil waterstop (a spray) can be most helpful to keep the shoes safe.

Every type of shoes does not need water protection. Shoes made up of soft leather, silk or reptile’s skin need protection from water. New shiny shoes with a smooth plane surface can be maintained by using shoes cleaning sprays regularly, as it saves the beauty and finishing of shoes.

To increase the life of your shoes the following steps are more helpful.

 1.      Clean before waterproofing

The first thing to do with your shoes is cleaning. You should not use shoes cleaning spray directly on dirty shoes. This is because the dirt on the surface will resist the spray to react with shoes. So first clean the upper dirt and dust and external polish if you have done it. You should also remove the laces of shoes before using the spray. The shoes should be dry as already described and you should first check the spray on a little non-prominent part of shoes. This should be done to check discolouration.

2.      Spray your shoes

After the removal of dirt, laces and checking discolouration you should also make sure that the product you are using is suitable according to the category of your shoes or not. This examination can easily be done by checking labels on the product box. Now after complete surety, use the spray on all parts of shoes.

3.      Follow the precautions

As your shoes are waterproof now all you need to do is further care. It will last longer as compared to non-sprayed shoes. Now you can use your shoes in warm dry climates but should be followed by weekly polishing and waterproofing when needed. In rainy season you should care much and increase the polishing and waterproofing process. You should regularly polish the shoes if possible to keep it safe from dirt and dust which can also cause a lot of damage.